Business Skills Training. Having had the beneficiaries involved in the USLA Methodology, they have been able to
grasp the idea and benefits of saving and taking loans from within their groups for productive purposes that
being said, all the USLAs need to get more insight on business skills training where they will be able to set goals
and start up business ideas. During this training KOWED contracted Devolt Associates who was to conduct the
training over a period of four days where three groups divided into 2 batches were trained for two days so as to

attain the required content or methodology. The mode of delivery of the various modules or topics were group work, individual work, use of flip chart, class discussions, reflections, games and to mention but a few.

Some of the topics taught included but not limited to business activities, record keeping, business sustainability, team building, business idea with the goal that individuals who were part of the training by the end of the two days could generate business ideas, choosing marketing strategy, using balance sheet, creating business plan, cash flow budget and to mention but a few

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