About Us

About Us


Our story starts..

Kandaakiat for Women Empowerment & Development is a foundation that supports women with emphasize on refugee women in Uganda with tools that empower them to access fundamental basic needs for them and their children and to realize their rights.

After the end of 21 years of civil war in Sudan that ended in 2005 through the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), two countries were formed; Sudan and South Sudan.

In June 2011, another civil war broke out in Sudan because of the failure to implement popular consultation which was a provision of settling the conflict in Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.

This civil war is on-going and it has caused catastrophic destruction of lives and property. The war has forced mass-displacement of civilians of the two states into South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to mention but a few.

On a personal experience, Chichi Kodi, the founder of KOWED escaped with others from the destruction committed by the warring parties on 7th June 2011.

She headed to South Sudan to seek refugee but in 2013 another war erupted in the new country. Chichi and thousands of other Sudanese refugees and South Sudanese were forced into Uganda and other neighboring countries causing separation of families, mass loss of lives and continuous fighting which is on-going up to date

Chichi felt the suffering of the refugees women and young girls in the refugees camp and thought of empowering them so as to leave free from injustices and hence dignified life.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

A society where women are collectively and individually self-reliant and free from injustice.

Our Mission

To promote the growth of a vibrant women movement that advocates and safeguards their fundamental rights and enhances the social, economic, political and  well-being of the vulnerable community.

Our Core Values

-Women empowerment centered

– Gender equity and equality is mandatory for social transformation

– Advocating for a democratic decision-making process

– Respect for human rights

– Mutual accountability and transparency

– Participatory, diligent and commitment to the right course of women

– Innovation to achieve impacts and result driven strategic priorities

– Information sharing with key stakeholders for participatory and sustainable development

– A spirit of cooperation and teamwork

Our Objectives

 – To make women self-reliant by use of available resources to improve their status and living conditions in areas of operation.
– To promote gender equality and equity.
– To advocate for Women in good health, sexual and reproductive rights.
– To Training women as household and community leaders giving skills and confidence to them as leaders.
– To promote and protect women’s rights in Governance, peace, and security by training and giving.


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