Clean Water and Reusable Sanitary pads Project

Clean Water and Reusable Sanitary pads Project

Kandaakiat partnering with The Government of Slovenia in conjunction with the hope of children and women victims of violence, on Gender-based violence, livelihood, and Sanitation projects. What the partners look to achieve is empowering women through awareness, resourcing, and health.

On 10th May 2022, the Government of Slovenia through Hope of Children and Women Victims of violence donated water purification gadgets and reusable sanitary pads to over 25 beneficiaries who are members of the Kandaakiat Organisation for women empowerment and development.

Kandaakiat Project Manager, Vividly demonstrating how the reusable sanitary pads works

Mrs. Natalia Kasara, the Kandaakiat Project manager taking the beneficiaries of the reusable sanitary pads through the dos and don’ts of using the sanitary pads. Among many, she mentioned the following advantages of the reusable sanitary pads;

  • Reusable pads cost less than their single use pads in the long run this is attributable to their longevity in use. It is estimated that they can be used for more than one year.
  • Environmentally friendly, the materials the pads are made of are easy to dispose off and are biodegradable hence, making it ecofriendly.
  • the pads are more comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Reusable pads are free from rashes and irritation, this is an area a major concern in the single use synthetic pads.

The beneficiaries showed their appreciation to the government of Slovenia and Hope of children and mothers victim of violence for this initiative. A lot of knowledge was got on how to install water filters and how to use and maintain reusable sanitary pads.

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