“A Story of Courage: How Scholarly Aid Ignited a Mother’s Hope”

“A Story of Courage: How Scholarly Aid Ignited a Mother’s Hope”

My name is Saida Salah, I am  Sudanese by  nationality  , I came from Sudan to  Kampala 6months ago , with all my children because of the war that is happening there in Sudan and because my home had been destroyed now I don’t have a home there, Iam a mother of 4 children and on my staying here in Kampala I found a lot of poverty here , I came here with the father to my children to register us and now he is returning back to South Sudan to look for job, in a family we are 6 members  and renting in a house of worth two hundred thousand shillings one sitting room and one bedroom and doesn’t have a kitchen, only girls are registered at school while the boy is left at home because our situation is very bad that we couldn’t handle, the life of rent, life of feeding, life of schooling we are finding it very difficult, and there is another problem we are facing like registering children to school like they will charge one child like around million Uganda shillings or two hundred dollars of which is too much for us to afford and schools are becoming very had here and life here is very hard for one to eat is even had ,because of  the price in the market you can’t buy anything and to enroll one child to school is very difficult  and because we don’t have money , only we eat one meal per day , life is very difficult as a refugee woman , the most of the women are single mothers and they are taking responsibilities and their husbands are absent , you find a woman who is pregnant and has no one to support her because life is hard and I thank Kandaakiat organization for the support and I pray that God helps you and continue supporting us so that we may be able to support our children and as it is, there some parents who have not been able to register their children in school yet and some have no access to proper housing facilities especially because of the rent issues when someone fails to pay the rent, they are evicted.

Saida Salah. With her daughter after receiving school materials

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